You’ve got the power!



Your thoughts and words are POWERFUL in creating your life experience!  Beyond what you can even imagine!

If you are genuinely speaking with love, compassion, & optimism while choosing to see the ‘gold’ in situations, you will notice more of those kinds of experiences.

If you are choosing to stay in a habit of complaining, worrying, whining, and gossiping while focusing only on the ‘dirt’ (or what’s wrong) in a situation, you will notice more of those kinds of experiences.

Science shows us that there is an area in our brain called ‘The Reticular Activating System.‘ In simple terms, it is responsible for:

  • Regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transitions
  • Mediating consciousness &
  • Attention span

One of it’s important functions is that it filters information and what you pay attention to.  When your conscious mind focuses on a topic, the RAS thinks that is what is important to you. It places your attention on things that are relevant to your focus.

Hence, if you tend to focus on the negative, your RAS thinks that is important and increases your attention to more things that relate to that.  And vise versa.  A great example is when you are in the market to buy a new car that you already know you want.  You may start to ‘SEE’ that specific car EVERYWHERE…on the road, on billboards, in commercials, it comes up in conversations, etc. You may even notice that a co-worker or friend just purchased that same vehicle.  It is because “where your focus goes, attention and energy flows.”

NOTE:  I am not saying you should not FEEL when you are triggered by an emotion.  You should absolutely recognize, acknowledge, and give yourself permission to feel what’s coming up in your experience.  It is actually very healing if done with the right intention.  The challenge most people face is that they have repressed and/or suppressed many of their feelings. This is usually because when they were younger they felt that it was not safe to express emotions.

When you allow yourself to feel the energy of a negative emotion for a few moments (to yourself), you allow it to diffuse. However, the key is to do it with an intention to heal and release the emotion then refocus your thoughts and words about it…not to keep talking about it over and over and over again in a negative manner.   This just keeps your RAS active in noticing the thing you do not want.

When we choose to change the thoughts and speaking habits that no longer serve us, our results in life DRASTICALLY shift.

Here are 4 steps you can take everyday this week to create more empowering thoughts and words:
  1. Notice what you frequently speak about and think about.
  2. Ask yourself, “Is this serving me?  Is this getting me a result that I want or creating more of what I do not want?
  3. Dig deep and ask yourself, “What (or who) am I really afraid of, angry at, frustrated with, or sad about etc?”  Listen to what comes to mind.  Our thoughts and words reflect our belief systems.  Usually what is triggering us in the present moment is just the tip of an iceberg.
  4. Feel what ever emotion comes up without judging it. Then, when you are ready, make a conscious choice to let it go, forgive it, heal it, and reframe new thoughts and words around the topic.

The key in doing this is staying persistent with your new thought/speaking habits.  It may take some time, so just be patient and gentle with yourself.  If you notice yourself falling back into the old routine, which can happen easily since we are habitual beings, then purposefully redirect your thoughts and words to your new way of being.  If you need to, keep redoing steps 1-4 on a given topic until is dissolves.

For additional support, check out MINDSET RESET.

YOU have the power to change your life!  It begins with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Have a powerful week!

Cheers *\o/*


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