Unleash the gold!



Many times in life when we are pursuing a big goal or dream, it can feel unattainable… like we may never achieve what we truly desire.

We can feel like we don’t have the right tools, feel unprepared, or feel like we don’t have what it takes to succeed.

But here’s the real secret…You DO have what it takes!

What I have discovered when achieving my goals and dreams is that while attaining the goal is a fantastic experience, the sustained joy came from the expansion and expression of who I became in the process.

Realize now that the ‘treasure’ you seek is already within you…just waiting to be expressed.

You are capable!  You are strong!  You are READY!

So AIM for your dream, ALIGN with the feeling of already having achieved it, and take immediate and inspired ACTION to begin living it, NOW!

Here are 3 steps a day you can take this week to help you unleash your ‘gold’:

  1. Every morning before getting out of bed, first visualize and feel yourself already achieving your goal, dream, or desire.  Do this for about 2-5 minutes.
  2. Then, write down 5 reasons why you are prepared and ready.  (The point here is to look for reasons to support your belief that you are ready. This also trains the mind to act as if you are.  If your thoughts start to go down a negative path, just gently redirect them back on tract).
  3. Last, write down 5 wins or successes, big or small, that you have had in the past.  This trains the mind to think more confidently.

Then go about your day feeling and knowing the golden powerful light you have within you.

Shine bright!

Cheers! *\o/*



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