Are you prepared?


No matter how old you are, it is never too late to achieve your dreams.  There is ALWAYS a next level for you if you choose.

It starts with allowing your mind to expand and think in ‘possibility.’


  • Right now, think of 3 desired feelings you would like to feel in life. (ex. Happy, Exhilarated, Peace, Love, Accomplished, Vibrant, Strong…etc)
  • Write down at least 1 experience/desire you think would give you those feelings if you attained/experienced it.
  • Next, imagine already achieving that experience/desire.  Let your mind expand and dream.  Do not judge if your desire is feasible or not, just let yourself daydream.
  • Research other people who have already accomplished what you desire. This will build your belief that it IS possible.
  • Map out a 12-month plan on what it would take to reach your desired experience… break it down to bite size action steps each week.
  • Now, RE-WATCH this video everyday for the next 7 days, and right after you watch it, take at least 1 action step towards realizing your dream. 🙂


Have an expansive week!

Cheers! *\o/*


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