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Your attitude determines your altitude in life. Many High Performers, PRO Athletes, Celebrities, Top Earners, and Successful people know this.  It is how they got to the top.


Life can seem like quite a wild ride with its ups, downs, twists, and turns.  Even the most well-meaning person can fall into a habit of having a negative attitude at times.  Regardless of where you are at, you can always turn it around.


Here are 5 strategies to help you cultivate a great attitude, even during the most challenging times:


  1. Take Personal Responsibility: You are the creator of how you experience life.  Your thoughts, words, and actions are creating your habits, beliefs, automatic responses, and the energy you are putting out (which is attracting back a similar essence).  Example: if you consistently put out loving or happy feelings, that’s what you will see and experience more of… if you continuously put out fear or hate, that’s what you will see and experience more of.  You can’t control people or situations, but you can choose how you want to perceive them.
  2. Give yourself permission to ‘feel’ whatever emotion is coming up with the intention to heal it: Your emotions are indicators of what you are thinking about any given topic and what energy you are in the process of attracting.  Over time, if you repress all those emotions,  they can build up and cause anxiety, depression, and even dis-ease in the body.  Your emotions rise up to guide you into alignment. They need to be acknowledged, expressed, and then relesed in a healthy way. This DOES NOT mean that you dump your emotions on others and get into blame and complain to them. This means you do the appropriate inner-self work to discover why you are triggered and then, more importantly, choose what you would prefer to experience instead.  REMEMBER: People, places, circumstances and events DO NOT create your happiness.  YOU create your own happiness and get to CHOOSE how you want to feel. If an emotion (and the thoughts associated with it) are not serving you any more, then make a choice to change your mind around the subject area.
  3. List what you appreciate: There is a magical and powerful quality to making a list of all the things you appreciate in that moment.  You can write this down or talk yourself through it in your mind. This enables you to take charge of your thoughts, take control of your energy, and refocus your attention to ease into a better feeling state-of-being.
  4. Look for the gold: Challenge yourself to find the “good” in the situation.  What’s the silver-lining? How can this help you or others?  Sometimes the ‘gold’ in a situation is that it helped you gain clarity about what you do not want in order to focus your attention on what you do want.
  5. Have faith: Whatever your faith may be, look to your higher power, your inner being, and your creator for support.  This allows you to not try to control everything.  Having a ‘great attitude’ demonstrates that you have faith that everything is working out while you take inspired action towards what you prefer.
  6. Make a DECISION: Intention is EVERYTHING!  Just decide that you are going to have a great attitude no matter what!  There is POWER in your decisions.  One of my favorite statements that I have trained myself to think, feel, and believe is that “EVERYTHING always turns out better than I can imagine.” Guess what…. since that is my true earnest belief… things some how always work out…and usually they work out in the most miraculous ways imaginable! (I’ve got TONS of personal stories and results).


Everyone has their own journey to create and experience.   It is how they choose to perceive their situations that makes the difference.   Let me be super clear and open with you … I am not without problems or challenges.    However, I do choose to have a great attitude, appreciate often, have faith, and continually refocus my thoughts, words, and actions on what I DO want to experience.


You can do this too!  You are that powerful of a creator in your life!  Check out this FREE video for additional information on how to do this : CLICK HERE


Have an empowering week!

Cheers! *\o/*


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