Here’s what love can do…


I was absolutely blown away by this story and the miraculous healing and transformation that LOVE can have on a being.


Life offers all different types of experiences and journeys for people.  You never know who you may come across that may need a little extra love.  Your smile, loving words, and actions may just be exactly what that person needs.


Today and for the next 7 days give loving thoughts, words, and/or actions to everyone you come across.  This may also mean that you give yourself extra love and care.


You have the power to BE the change you want to see in the world… and it starts with your love. 🙂


Have a impactful week!


Michele *\o/*

5 thoughts on “Here’s what love can do…

  1. I tried to open this video the other day and it would not open, saying it was private. Now the same happened thru safari so I tried thru chrome, where it required me to “sign up”, which I did, but I am already signed up to receive emails…still won’t open 🙁

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