How to create more balance in life…



Meditation (or quieting the mind) is a practice that many successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and high-performance athletes engage in regularly to help create results in their lives.  The act of quieting your mind enables you to:
  • Have more clarity
  • Be more focused
  • Feel more calm
  • Think more creatively and
  • Balance your inner and outer worlds

While it was not easy for me at first, it has proven to be extremely beneficial in my own life and business.

Here are some quick meditation tips for you to practice this week…
  1. Every morning for the next 7 days, set aside 5 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time for yourself (Set a timer).
  2. Sit in a chair or lay down on a bed in a comfortable position
  3. Allow yourself to focus on your breath… (breathing in slowly and exhaling slowly)
  4. Visualize each area of your body relaxing (start with your feet and make your way up to your head)
  5. If any thoughts come up, just observe them like clouds moving by in the sky and return back to focusing on your breath
  6. Once the timer is up, get up, and write down any thoughts or awarenesses that came to you. Sometimes, inspirational ideas and action steps can come through when you are in a place of stillness.

If 5 minutes seems too short, extend the time to 10 or 15 minutes.  As you start to get better at practicing stillness, you can increase the time to your comfort level.

Enjoy your meditation practice!

Have a relaxing week!


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