The one action step that changed everything…




Six years ago, when I first realized this awareness, I took one massive action step that fundamentally changed the course of my whole life and began positively shifting my results.  Here’s the 1 thing I did….

I stopped blaming outside forces, other people, and situations for my circumstances.  Essentially, I let go of a “victim mindset”, and made a decision to live my life from a place of Personal Responsibility.

I realized the basic premise that “what I put out consistently (ie. energetically, physically, & emotionally), I get back.”  It took me some time to fully integrate this, but it set me on a rapid path of amazing healing, love, forgiveness, relationships, and miraculous experiences.

I have since come to understand that through my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions, I am creating how I experience my life.  No one can control my thoughts or where I choose to place my attention…which is the creative force.  It also creates what I attract.

The “ECHO,” in the quote above, is showing that life is like a mirror.

This is a great analogy by Darryl Anka:

“The energy you give off based on your beliefs…your emotions… your behavior…i.e. the frequency you give off, is what determines the kind of reality experience you have… it is a reflection of what you most strongly believe is true for you. It is literally like a mirror.
If you are looking in a mirror and you see your face with a frown on it, you know that you don’t go over to the mirror and try to force the reflection to smile. You know that if you want to see the reflection smile, YOU must smile first. There is no way to change the reflection without you smiling first, but you can also conversely understand that when you decide to smile… the reflection has no choice but to return the smile.”

For example… in the past, I held the belief that I was unhealthy.  And so for 10 years, my body proved my beliefs ‘right’… I perpetually felt sick.  I was always looking for “what’s wrong with me,” and so my focus was consistantly on negativity and sickness.

In another instance, I used to be judgmental with myself and others, and so I noticed that I kept attracting others judging me.

It’s not that I was being “punished,” it’s just that my reality was supporting my beliefs, thoughts, actions and energy I was putting out.  Once I changed, everything else began changing with me.


  1. This week, decide what you would like to see more of in your life (NOT what you don’t want)
  2. Then give your focused attention, thoughts, words, and actions towards what you want everyday for 5 minutes.  The key to this is to feel good when you are doing it.

Examples: If you want more love, love yourself and others more.  If you want more respect, respect yourself and others more…etc.

Life is an echo that gives you an opportunity to choose what you prefer and what you do not prefer.  Once you CHOOSE, you must take action by thinking, speaking, and behaving in accordance with what you want.  Do not judge yourself or the “reflection” that life is mirroring back… simply make a choice and move forward.

Be gentle with yourself as you decide to make fundamental shifts in your life.  It is not something that happens over night.  But eventually the “echo” will reflect back your new ways of being.

Sending love!


Michele *\o/*


2 thoughts on “The one action step that changed everything…

  1. Sending love back. thanks for the inspiration steps. Just looking in the mirror sometimes scares me but when I smile it makes all the difference..

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