What’s stopping you…


Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  You don’t need it to be a New Year to start anew.

  • Watch the above video
  • Take out a piece a paper and pen
  • Draw a line down the middle of the page
  • In the left column, make a list of any old beliefs that you still hold but that no longer serve you (aka. not getting you a result you desire anymore… for example:  “I’m too old,” “I’m not good enough,” “You can’t trust anyone,” “I can’t do it” etc)
  • In the right column, for each old belief, write down a new belief that you CHOOSE to create for yourself. (Ex. “It’s the perfect time to start now,”  “I am ____ enough,” “I choose to find the gold in people,” ” I CAN do it”  etc)
  • Each day pick one new belief from the right column and repeat it to yourself as many times as you can throughout the day: try for 100 times for each new belief.
  • Repeat that process each day with the next new belief on your list until you have completed the list.

The way to train your brain to think congruently with what you desire is to command it through repetition.  You can also raise your belief by observing other people achieving what you desire and realizing that YOU are no different than them.

DECIDE and put all your focus on being the NEW version of you.

Have a rejuvenating week!

Cheers! *\o/*



Movie Credits: RedFrost Motivation

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