What are you listening to?

Listen to your heart


We all have filters (beliefs and habits) that shape our decisions in life.  Most of our mental programming was formed between the ages of 2-6 years old.  By the time you turned 18, about 95% of the way you thought was on auto pilot…. dictating all of your results, behaviors, and perspectives.

Some of these filters support us and some do not.

Thoughts, beliefs, and habits that may have once worked for you years ago, may not be serving you now.

You have to determine which way of “being” you are going to cultivate in order to make decisions to expand your life experiences.


ANSWER THE FOLLOWING ASSESSMENT: (Be honest with yourself)

  • What are you listening to:

    a) Your Heart

    b) Your Thoughts and Beliefs that no longer support your desires in life

    c) Or are you listening to what others are telling you, going against your own intuition and inner guidance?

  • Is your ego/fear/negative thinking holding you back from pursuing something you truly desire?
  • What does your heart & soul want to experience? Ask your inner self what you would like, then write out a list without judging yourself or the probably of each one.
  • What are 3 actions steps you can take this week that will move you towards honoring one of your heart’s-desires on your list?


Wisdom and life experiences can be valuable, but they do not have to keep you stagnant, stuck, or limited.  Never forget that you are the conscious creator of your life experience… your thoughts about a topic give it energy.  The beauty about WHO YOU REALLY ARE is that you get to CHOOSE who you want to BE.

Now, step into that role.

Always use discernment, but consider listening to your heart more (if you are not already in the habit of doing so).  This is a major form of self-love that I will get into later.

Have a heart-filled week!



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