Sending love…



  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly.
  • Think of something that you LOVE.  A person, place, or thing that fills your soul with joy, warms your heart, and makes you smile.
  • Think about it until you physically FEEL the emotion of Love wash over you.
  • Now, IMAGINE sending that energy out from your heart center to whoever you feel needs it right now.
  • Next, take 68 seconds to imagine our World filled with love, peace, joy, and happiness.  Where EVERYONE is thriving and serving the greatest good.  Visualize the kind of World you want to live in.
  • Make this a daily practice for the next 7 days.
Do not underestimate the power of your thought energy.  Your thoughts about the World are POWERFUL!
Where attention goes, energy flows.  When we focus on fear, we perpetuate it. When we focus on Love, we perpetuate it.
All great ideas first started in the mind and then were acted upon.  As we collectively envision and feel a World of Love, we will continue to find even better solutions to evolve the planet.  Studies have shown the incredible effects of collective meditation, prayer, and intention:
Your consciousness is important.  The planet craves your thoughts and acts of Love. Let’s all do this together.
Sending Love,

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