It is never too late…


Whatever you believe about yourself and your life, will be true for you.  If you believe you CAN do something, you will do it.  If you believe you CAN’T do something, you won’t be able to do it.  You will prove yourself right every time.

So when someone says “I’m too old,” or “I’m not good enough for ____,” or “That’s impossible,” they will live up to what ever they expect and believe about themselves.

Everyone is creating their own version of reality with their thoughts.  Just because someone else couldn’t achieve something, does not mean you can’t.

What do you CHOOSE to believe about yourself and your dreams in life?

This video above will help build your belief that ANYTHING is possible.  Even the most successful, famous, high achieving individuals can hit barriers of fear and uncertainty when they reach for the next level or attempt to do something they have never done before.   Human nature is designed that way.  It’s part of expansion.  The idea is to keep moving, expanding, growing, and enjoying the experience as you go.

So be sure to continually raise your belief in yourself and what you are capable of by watching/reading/and listening to positive self-affirming resources.  Also, by observing what others have been able to do, even against the ‘odds,’ can help you believe that anything is possible.  This is not for you to negatively compare yourself to others, but for you to realize that YOU TOO can accomplish what you focus on and pursue.

YOU are a POWERFUL, DYNAMIC, and CREATIVE being.  And it all starts in what you choose to think, imagine, and dream about while taking inspired action and having faith that you will achieve it.

This week, give yourself permission to begin (or continue) creating something you truly desire.  If you do not know what you want at the moment, that’s fine too.  Be ok with just feeling thankful in advance that the perfect idea is manifesting for you at the perfect time.  Do some research or brainstorming about things that interest you to help get the ball rolling.   Whether you want material items, more money, an accomplishment of some type, a spiritual goal, or to have perfect health…. once you have the clarity, focus, belief, and faith, you can then create it.

Watch the above video everyday for the next 7 days. This will serve as a reminder that you too can have what your heart truly desires, no matter your age or circumstances. 🙂

Have a powerful week!




4 thoughts on “It is never too late…

  1. This is revelant for me right now. Not sure what direction I want to go or what I want to do in my remaining years. Right now I want to see my soul mate Joanne Reed and hope she will come see me in June. She is looking into it. then I’m planning a trip East to see my 2 sisters in July. Lori and kids are coming thru Ogden in August on the way to Yellowstone and will stay here overnight on the way back to SLC. I’m hoping to go camping with some of the family a few week ends this summer.

    I don’t have any particular goals or desires at the moment but I;ll start thinking about them this summer.

  2. Michele, Thank you for the post. As always I really enjoy your messages and the video was great. It seems people can become great at any age when they believe in themselves and unleash their creative energy within.

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