Are you the Victor or a Victim?



Our “state of mind” shapes our perception of reality and affects our results.

No matter how you feel or where you are right now in life, you can begin to softly shift your thinking to be congruent with what you desire.  NOW is the perfect time to start.

Training your brain to think in accordance with what you want (instead of what you do not want), is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Continually repeating, affirming, and visualizing who you choose to be and what you desire to experience is the first step in training your brain.  Second is to continually listen to, read, watch, and engage in activities that elevate and lift you up.  It takes practice, determination, and patience with yourself, but it is worth the results.

  1. Write down what this poem means to you and how you can incorporate it into your life
  2. Every day, for the next seven days, read this poem twice (once when you wake up, and once before bed)

CLICK HERE for tips on how to train your brain and reset your mindset.

Have a victorious week!



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