The Secret to Getting Ahead…



While it sounds simple, “taking action” and “getting started” can be a challenging task at times.

So, for this week, we are going to tackle it head on!

  1. Identify a project, desire, or goal you have been wanting to start (or continue working towards).
  2. Get started within the next 24 hours, by taking at least one small action step towards the project
    • Ex. This could mean making a simple priority or task list on what will be required to get the project going.  Or it could mean, making a bold move to get the project moving that day.  What ever feels good to you, just take the first step
  3. Set aside at least 10 minutes each day, for the next 7 days, and do one thing to advance you forward.  It may not seem like much time, but it will reinforce the beliefs to your subconscious mind that “you mean business”  and that you “take action” on your projects.  When you create daily wins, it sets you into a momentum cycle that propels you ahead.
  4. Acknowledge your persistence and appreciate yourself for taking incremental steps.
  5. And most importantly, Enjoy the Process (aka. the journey).  This enjoyment will fuel you to keep going until your goal is realized.

Have a productive week!



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