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So what does it really mean to just BE YOU and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF?

He is what I’ve found by looking at some basics:

  • You survived birth, growing up, and school.
  • You overcame past challenges in life.
  • You have a diverse array of colorful experiences, emotions, perspectives, and ideas that make you unique and original.
  • No one will ever see through your eyes, think through your mind, feel through your senses, and perceive through your beingness….ever!  We can “relate” to others, but can not have their EXACT emotional & physical experiences, since it is from their unique perspective.
  • You have developed relationships along the way, and at some point in life you had a positive impact on at least one person or more (if you exist, you have impacted others).
  • My belief is that we are all connected at a much higher consciousness level …. you can feel this when you have compassion for someone who is hurting, love when observing an act of kindness, pride for a cause someone is standing for, or outrage at another person’s injustice, etc.  Maybe you have had the experience of looking into the eyes of another being and feeling a sense empathy and connection…that is because there is one.  We are connected at some level in some energetic way and can influence others just by “being ourselves.”

So…all that being said, realize that your contribution to the world is for you to just BE YOU, authentically.

BELIEVING IN YOURSELF is having the knowingness and faith that you are enough, you are capable, and you CAN achieve and overcome… because you already have done it in the past. (if you survived being born, then you achieved one of the greatest feats and overcame one of the most difficult challenges in my opinion).

Who you ARE and your unique perspective is your gift to this planet and all that exists in it.

Believe in yourself, the power of your dreams, and your desires.  You are worthy, important, lovable, strong, relevant, and an incredible divine creation adding to the tapestry of life.

This week, take out a pad and pen write down:

  1. All your successes and wins, big or small, throughout your life
  2. Your 5 greatest accomplishments you feel most proud of
  3. 3 challenges you overcame and how it strengthened you
  4. 5 things that make you unique
  5. At least one person you impacted in a positive way

This will help you build your belief in yourself so when you go on to tackle your next goal, dream, or desire, you will have reinforced in your mind all the reasons why you believe in yourself.  This will make moving forward, much easier.

Now go out and continuing to BE YOU, courageously!

Thank you for your contribution to this world :).

Cheers! *\o/*


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