How to have a breakthrough…




How we feel is important.  It’s great to “think positive,” but it’s even more important to “feel positive”…but in a genuine way.  In order for that to happen, you have to be real and authentic with your feelings.  Don’t try to push them away or brush them under the rug.

If you are experiencing an emotion that you do not prefer, then give yourself permission to feel it fully without judgement, but with the “intention” to let it go when you are done.  Love yourself through the process and forgive whatever you need to forgive.

We are human beings… it is our nature to “feel.”  When we express our emotions in a healthy way, we are then free to let go of whatever is disturbing our peace.

It doesn’t mean we are weak.  It doesn’t mean we are less of a person.  If we are sad, then cry.  If we are scared, then be ok to feel afraid. Once you are done feeling the emotions, then choose to focus on what you want.  The key is to move through it and not unpack your bags and live there.

You have got to FEEL IT to HEAL IT!

Then RELEASE IT and put your focus on what you DO WANT.

Have an empowering week! *\o/*

Much Love,


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