Give with a loving heart…




I have discovered that life is a game of “Giving & Receiving.”

Giving, when done with a loving heart, is one of the most powerful gifts you can offer others (and yourself).


  • Each day, choose to GIVE something to someone, with a spirit of LOVE (and without expecting anything in return).
    • You could give a present, a complement, a card, recognition, a hug, a prayer, positive energy, a smile, or something that really resonates with your heart and soul.
  • Each night, before bed, write down how you felt that day when you gave from your heart. 🙂

Have a giving week!

2 thoughts on “Give with a loving heart…

  1. I do a lot of giving in the form of compliments, cards, recognition, hugs, prayers, smiles and positive energy at church and through the mail every week. And on Facebook.!! And I LOVE giving in this way. It is just natural with me. :-). Also with neighbors, gals and guys in my aerobics and Yogi classes, folks in grocery stores, family members etc.

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