What’s your next step?



Is there something you have been wanting or waiting to do… knowing that it will move you forward in life if you would just take the step?

  1. This week, write down what you want to create, experience, achieve, or accomplish.
  2. Affirmatively, write it in the present tense form of ” I AM …(Creating, Experiencing, Achieving, or Accomplishing)______!”
  3. Hang the piece of paper up where you can see it all the time.
  4. Then every day, take one small (or big) step towards your goal.  The key is to reward yourself for taking that step…be proud of yourself for starting the momentum.  By praising yourself, you will reinforce the behavior of taking more action towards your outcome.

One small step followed by another turns into great strides.  So use this week to launch what it is you have been wanting to create in your life. 🙂

Cheers! *\o/*


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