How to “Enjoy The Ride” of Life



  1. Everyday for the next 7 days, listen to the above song until the end.
  2. Feel what the lyrics are saying… think of how it may apply to your life.
  3. Each day, write down 3 things you appreciate about your life and the journey you are on.

My intuition was to share this topic with you this week, so I am going to speak a little more in-depth about it…

So frequently we can get caught up in the dramas, hardships, and roller-coaster experiences of life.  Feeling the “weight of the world” on our shoulders…be it with people, situations, events…etc.  I did for over a decade.  Because of what I focused on, my state of mind got so negative and fear-based.  I felt like a “victim” to my circumstances.  I wasn’t able to focus on the positive qualities of life for many years and my mind would automatically default straight to negative thoughts.

All the perceived challenges and struggles in my own life and what I observed in the world really made me question “What’s it all for?“…”Why am I here?“…”Is there MORE to life than this?

This prompted me to begin my quest into personal development back in September of 2010. The journey really pulled back the metaphorical “curtain of OZ” for me to reveal new insights as to what is really going on in my life.

I started studying some of the super successful people of all time, human behavior, neural science, psychology, quantum physics, spiritual perspectives, and my own mind.  I began understanding both the science and the spirituality of life and all it’s magnificence.  It wasn’t until I learned some key concepts that helped me shift my perspective, that things began to majorly change for me and I began to “Enjoy the Ride.”   Here’s what I have realized in my own personal experience …

  • Life is a game filled with a wealth of “choices” and it is constantly in motion.
  • Things change and evolve… we are never stuck (even though sometimes we may feel like we are).
  • Persistance, determination, and focus of thought will change circumstances.
  • We are not victims nor are we “finding” ourselves, or “discovering” ourselves… we are quite literally CREATING who we are NOW and who we are BECOMING.
  • The only way we would know WHAT we want and WHO we choose to be is if we had something RELATIVE to compare it to.  Example: We wouldn’t know what light was if we never experienced dark.  We wouldn’t know what hot was if we never experienced cold.  Because of all that we observe and experience, we then are ABLE to KNOW what we prefer or do not prefer…. who we choose to be or who we choose not to be…when to make a change or when to stay the course.  This everyday “data” that we gather from our life experiences HELPS us decipher, conclude, determine, define, and create who we desire to be and what we desire to experience moving forward.
  • Here’s how to implement this info:
    1. When you observe something you do not like, do not give it more attention by focusing on it.
    2. Acknowledge the experience that you are having, honor your feelings about it, decide what you would prefer to experience, and then appreciate the expeirence for helping you conclude what you want.  It can be seen as a positive experience SINCE it gave you the opportunity to know what you do not prefer.
    3. Then put all your FOCUS on what you want or who you choose to BE as a result.  This is KEY.  When I say focus, I mean THINK, SPEAK, and ACT in accordance with what you do prefer.
  • The “contrast” of life in fact helps us.  Things do not happen TO us… they happen FOR us.  To help us know more of what we are made of and who we choose to be as a result. To know strength, courage, compassion, love, understanding, insight, forgiveness, passion, joy, humbleness, power, exhilaration…etc.


You are here for a great purpose… to CREATE yourself a new in this amusement park called “LIFE”.  Enjoy the ride!

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