How to Create Change



“Change” starts in thought first.  Make a decision in this moment that you want to create change and are willing to commit to it.  Once you cultivate the mindset and make a decision, then be open to taking action and creating/receiving solutions.

  1. Think of a situation in which you would like to see improvement.
  2. Take out a pad and pen and write down an “ideal scene” of how you would prefer it to be.  (Use your imagination and be open minded…don’t let the doubting critical voice in you head come up with all the reasons why you CAN’T.)
  3. Every day for the next 7 days , take 68 seconds to visualize/imagine that ideal scene playing out (staying focused on the positive feelings AS IF it’s already happened).
  4. Choose to think in terms of possibility and hopefulness.  If your mind/ego/negative voice-in-your-head starts to pull you down…acknowledge it, thank it, let it go, and redirect your thoughts towards the positive end result.  This may take practice…but stick with it.
  5. Take inspired action each day, even if its a small step, to begin to create that change… even if the change is just about creating a new belief, attitude, or mindset 🙂

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