What is your “Apple Tree”?


  1. What is your “Apple Tree” … aka.. Gift to the world?
  2. Think about what you are naturally good at… what is that gift, talent, ability, skill, way-of-being, etc. that you can GIVE to others? (ex. Are you a good listener, teacher, artist, gardener, friend, athlete, speaker, business person, singer, loving person, care-giver, comedian, etc… this can be self-proclaimed.  What do you find you enjoy doing naturally?
  3. Once you Identify it… DO ONE THING TODAY that GIVES your gift to the world.  Make it a point to share what is in your heart…. even if it’s not recognized by others… that’s ok… the point is that you just GIVE and know that you are receiving the benefit of joy for justing allowing yourself to DO what your love…. Share your gift not for recognition, but for satisfaction 🙂

YOU are an incredible and magnificent being…. you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.  So don’t play small, stop doubting yourself, and listen to your intuition on what your soul is wanting to lovingly express to the world.  This can be in just your house-hold or work environment or it can be with the whole planet.  Either way, know that YOU and WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE are adding to the world and the people in it.  🙂

Thank you for sharing your APPLE TREE 🙂



Credit: Thank You Kyle Cease for creating this video

Video Source: https://www.facebook.com/KyleCeasePag…

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