What Are You Telling Yourself?




This week, pay attention to your self-talk.  What are you saying to yourself (or about yourself)?

Your words are POWERFUL!  In fact, science tells us that they help to create and mold your reality.  What you tell yourself repeatedly gets registered in the subconscious mind as “truth”  and shapes your behavior, chemical responses, and perceptions.

If you say empowering things, GREAT! Keep that up!  If you find that you are self-depreicating and cut yourself down frequently (even if you are “joking” all the time), consider changing that behavior.  Anytime you notice yourself thinking or telling yourself negative things, say the words “Cancel, Cancel” and immediately replace the statement with something you choose to believe instead.

Over time, this will shift your perceptions about self and help you to create situations that serve you. 🙂

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