Meet Your Inner (cheer)LEADER

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReady to begin the journey of a lifetime!?  Get ready to step into your power….because you’re about to IGNITE The (cheer)LEADER In YOU!


It’s that voice of self confidence, reassurance, compassion, happiness, and love that you have deep within you.  It’s time to let go of the “critic” and the “judge” in you head… you know what I’m talking about…. that nagging voice that tells you that “you are not good enough”, “smart enough”, “skilled enough” etc….(fill in the blank).  You get my point.


The first step to unleashing your “Inner (cheer)LEADER” is to first acknowledge that in the past you may have allowed some negative thoughts and false beliefs about yourself to take over. It’s throughout this journey that you will learn how to identify when a thought or belief is going to serve you (aka, get you a result you desire) or whether it’s time to let it go because it is no longer serving a greater purpose in your life (aka. producing a result that you DO NOT desire).


s3_proxyFor example… it will no longer help you in any way to say negative things about yourself OR about others.  Your mind is very susceptible and extremely powerful.  Your sub-conscious mind, the part of your brain that is on auto-pilot controlling most of your body and emotional function, is like a soldier you give orders to.  What ever you think, say, and do repetitively gets noted by the soldier and the orders are carried out (i.e. stored in the subconscious mind as the TRUTH you live by).  The body responds to your “truths”, both chemically and energetically, which affects your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and responses…and in turn affects how you interact with your world.


So for this week’s INSPIRED ACTION STEP…

  1. Take note of any negative words you are saying about yourself or others.
  2. IMMEDIATELY stop yourself when it comes up by saying, out loud,  “CANCEL CANCEL!” (this is giving a direct order to your mind to STOP the thought pattern)
  3. After that, rephrase the statement in a positive form.
  4. Do this for 30 days and just see what kind of results you produce….You’ll amaze yourself!

This ONE thing, if you take it seriously, will change your life!


Michele *\o/*